Planning your Bathroom

The bathroom is the space that fulfills an instinctive need for peace and solitude. No longer just a place to wash hair and brush teeth, the bathroom now offers a retreat from the public domain, a private sanctuary much needed in a world full of visual, aural, professional and social stimuli.

In recent years, designers have started approaching the design of a bathroom in terms of zones. By definition, the number and nature of these zones will depend on the size and shape of the individual bathroom and the requirements of those using it. They might, however, include a grooming zone around the vanity, a showering zone, and a bathing zone. Space can limit some of these possibilities, but even the smallest of bathrooms can be artfully sectioned to make best use of the available area. Freestanding walls housing electrical wiring and plumbing that can be used to screen one part of the bathroom from the other are an extraordinarily effective and popular way of altering floorplans in a modern bathroom.

Key elements to consider when planning a bathroom are fixtures, colour, storage, textures, lighting, privacy and space.


Vanities and Storage

Many people spend more time at the vanity, applying makeup, grooming hair, brushing teeth and washing hands, than soaking in the bath or enjoying a shower. Yet when it comes to bathroom design, vanities often get less attention than those scene-stealing bath tubs and showers. Like any hard working area, the vanity will benefit from the efficiencies of good design.

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Bathtubs epitomize the pampering potential of the contemporary bathroom. Showers are useful in the morning before you rush out the door, but bathtubs are for long, lazy soaks when the working day is done. Baths are a place in which to linger, so they must be designed with style, comfort and even outlook in mind.

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Space constraints in contemporary homes, and busy lifestyles, mean that many bathrooms are planned without bathtubs. In such rooms, the shower takes on a more central role in the design. At the same time, the trend toward making the bathroom a space for pampering means that showers are larger and more luxurious than ever.

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